Hand In Hand Childminding


As an ex-Chair of Clervaux Nursery School, I gained an insight into the High Scope Philosophy.  One which has stayed with me since I first became aware of its existence.  I have been lucky enough to access High Scope for Childminders training, after a number of requests through our local Early Years Department.

The Philosophy of High Scope is to encourage the development of independence, along with social skills, in children.  The active learning style follows a familiar routine, encouraging individual children to participate in their choice of "plan - do - review" style of learning.  It encourages children to build relationships with each other, learning to compromise and co-operate with others by expressing themselves clearly, and listening to others.

High Scope follows :

  • Planning the Activity - by choice of photographs / words / or any other means available to the child
  • Free Play (within the chosen activity) - encouraging imaginative play without boundaries
  • Talking through their actions (if they wish to do so) on a one-to-one basis
  • Discussing their actions with everyone present (again, only if they wish to do so)

This approach to learning has been shown to last throughout childrens lives (a classic example of this is with my own two children - in particular, my daughter) - encouraging their independence and enjoyment of learning.